TSC Gives Greenlight On P1 Teachers With KCSE Mean Grade C Plain

by Business Watch Team

It is in the final stage of the Teachers Service Commission, TSC, deployment of all deserving primary school teachers who have pursued degree programs to junior schools.

In comparison to the present 1,000 every year, the TSC has stated that there are larger expectations for the deployment of more teaching slots the next year.

In order to achieve a seamless double transition in 2023, which will require additional secondary school teachers, TSC is anticipated to accelerate this exercise. By September of this last year, 1000 P1 practicing instructors had been placed in secondary schools.

Since a significant number of primary schools will be employed as junior schools in 2023, as previously stated by the ministry of education, more instructors who will be deployed next year will likely turn out to be the luckiest.

The schools with better infrastructure will be upgraded to host Junior Secondary School (JSS) wing. The ones with low enrollment and those in close proximity will be merged and either one of the institution’s infrastructures improved.

Since 2014, TSC has adopted a more rewarding scheme for teachers. It dropped Schemes of Service (SoS) which guaranteed automatic promotion for teachers who furthered their studies. The Commission is more concerned with teacher performance than mere academic papers according to Nancy Macharia. TSC replaced SoS with Career Progression Guidelines (CPG) for teachers.

TSC has repeatedly said CPG is superior to SoS and that it has ended job stagnation for teachers. However, the outcry from Diploma teachers and teachers who have upgraded their certificates has raised concern about the effectiveness of CPG.

Debates on whether TSC will reduce its strict guidelines for the practicing P1 teachers to serve the considering that teachers who graduated in various institutions do not attain the minimum KCSE grades required by TSC for one to teach in secondary school may not yield any fruits.

TSC has only been deploying P1 teachers with Degree in secondary school options and those who have attained at least a minimum grade of C+ in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE)

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