LG East Africa Eyes Real Estate Market With Energy Saving Solutions

by Business Watch Team
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LG Electronics East Africa has today reaffirmed its continued commitment to reimagining the future of the real estate sector in Kenya with innovative solutions that are helping to shape the way people live and work.

The move is anchored on LGs 2023 blueprint that seeks to create innovation for a better life and ensure a sustainable future for all.

Speaking during the 2023 Kenya Property Developers Association (KPDA) Conference LG Electronics East Africa Commercial Air conditioning Sales Director Mr.Erick Kiprono said, “We are excited to be part of Kenya’s growing real estate sector, which presents immense opportunities for innovation and development. So far, our contributions to the Kenyan real estate sector have been focused on providing smart home solutions, digital signage, and energy-efficient HVAC systems, that have helped to create a more sustainable and connected environment for homeowners, businesses, and property owners alike. Moving forward we are confident that our innovative solutions can help transform the sector by providing not only energy-efficient but also comfortable, and technologically advanced homes and commercial spaces.”

Recently, LG’s smart home solutions have enabled Kenyan homeowners to control their appliances remotely, using their smartphones or voice commands. This has helped to create a more energy-efficient and secure living environment, which is a key selling point for real estate developers and property owners.

Some of the solutions include LG’s digital signage technology. This can be used in commercial real estate to create dynamic and interactive displays that can attract and engage customers. It seeks to serve retail stores, shopping malls, and other commercial spaces by providing a unique and immersive experience for customers.

Additionally, LG’s energy-efficient HVAC systems have helped Kenyan property owners to reduce energy consumption and costs. These systems can be integrated with smart home solutions to provide greater control over temperature and air quality, which can help to create a more comfortable living or working environment.

“Embracing innovation in property design and developments has been critical in providing our clients with the best real estate solutions,” said KPDA Chair Mr. Ken Luusa. ” Looking ahead, we look forward to LG’s innovative solutions helping us to optimize our properties for maximum ROI while providing a more comfortable and technologically advanced environment for our tenants.”

According to the Built Environment Report 2023 by the Architectural Societies of Kenya, the Kenyan real estate industry recorded a bounce back in 2022 after two years of a sharp drop during the COVID-19 pandemic. The report finds that there was an annual 6.8% rise in property sales from March 2022, which resonates with findings from Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) which recorded a 6.4% growth in the construction industry in the same period.

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