Here Is How To Easily Make Money From Chicken Kienyeji Farming

by Business Watch Team

Farming in Kenya is the easiest way to make money, not just money, but a lot of money. But most people often get it wrong. Everyone can do farming in Kenya but not everyone can make money from farming. Chicken farming is one of the most lucrative ventures in Kenya.

A few farmers who have majored in chicken rearing are making a kill. Unfortunately, most of them have abandoned the rearing of indigenous chicken (Kienyeji.). The reason for this is that Kienyeji chicken takes time to mature.

But there is a way you can make millions from Kienyeji chicken farming. First, do not rare Kienyeji for breeding purposes. I mean, do not buy them for eggs so that they can hatch for you to take care of the chicks to maturity. You will never make money that way.

The magic in making money lies in you buying two to three-week-old chicks. Make sure you are buying them from someone you know because most will sell you something that looks like Kienyeji but not Kienyeji if you know what I mean.

Once you buy the chicks, take good care of them for two to three months, then sell them. Buy the chicks at intervals. For instance, buy 50 for a start, then after one month, buy another 50, so that there is always a constant supply of chicken from you.

Why Kienyeji though? They are more resilient as compared to others. They are not as vulnerable to diseases as zile za kizungu. But you must treat/vaccinate them as prescribed by experts. Mostly it is 2 to 3 shillings per chick. Not that expensive.

In terms of feeding, Kienyeji is the best to have. They can eat anything from ugali to rice. But for faster growth, you will have to mix with other feeds. However, it is less costly because it is easy to supplement with common foodstuffs at home.

The market for Kienyeji is readily available. From hotels and restaurants to individual consumers. The prices are often crazy during festive seasons such as Christmas and New Year.

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