Why Are Regular Security Updates Important For A Device?

by Business Watch Team

There have been growing concerns in Kenya about data security especially for smartphones in Kenya. Is there a need for an alarm?

Yes, this calls for alarm, and consumers should be worried. Mobile malware remains a significant threat for corporate and personal use in Africa and attackers are growing more creative with different methodologies and technologies to compromise a consumer’s data.

In this growing threat, it becomes more important to ensure that your device’s software and security features are upgraded constantly.

How do HMD Global secure customers from these threats?

At HMD Global we are advocates of smartphone security and have been at the forefront of this advocacy offering our consumers up to 3 years of periodic security and software updates across our device range.

Several Nokia phones have also passed the ioXT certification- The Global Standard for IoT Security. This goes to say that we value our consumers, and their device security is important to us.

Why are regular security updates important for a device?

Security updates are like mending a broken hem. They ensure that holes in your device’s security are patched and mended. They remove outdated features and replace them with an upgrade, ultimately improving the user experience.

Do OS and security updates slow a smartphone?

No, they do not. On the contrary, updates allow your device to operate optimally improving your user experience. Most users experience slower devices because of overloading the phone with a lot of apps while their device’s RAM cannot support that.

Why is an Android Recommended device important for data security?

For a device to be Android recommended, it has to meet Google’s strict enterprise requirements for hardware and software. This means that you can run your business or sensitive transactions on the device and trust that your device is safe.

With monthly security updates, these devices are also free of unnecessary apps or bloatware that slow you down. HMD Global offers the widest selection of Android® Enterprise Recommended smartphones compared to other smartphone brands.

Are the three-year security and OS updates an assurance about the durability and reliability of the Nokia handsets you are selling?

Yes, they are. With every device we design, we want our consumers to love, trust and want to keep the device for long.

Security and OS upgrades are designed to ensure that our consumers not only enjoy their user experience, but also feel safe to use the device in their day-to-day life, whether it is making their business transactions on the device, or just their normal day to day data that they would like to keep safe.

What are your closing remarks?

Our phones are increasingly becoming trusted devices in running our homes, businesses, and day-to-day lives. Consumers need to ensure that the devices they choose are risk-free and are sturdy enough to withstand risks associated with modern-day technology.

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