WhatsApp Can Now Be Used On More Than One Smartphone

by Business Watch Team

WhatsApp users will soon be able to use the same profile on more than one smartphone in a new feature that is being rolled out.

WhatsApp is in the final stages of rolling out a feature that will enable users to log into another phone without deactivating their primary profile.

Currently, users can only use the web (that is; accessing their WhatsApp through WhatsApp Web on a laptop/computer).  The new feature will now mean one can have two phones with the same WhatsApp account.

The new feature comes a few days after the giant social media tool announced the launch of a feature that would enable one to send files as heavy as 2GB.

How to enable WhatsApp on more than one smartphone:

First, one will need to install the latest beta WhatsApp version on their device (the second device they want to use).

They should then open the new up and click on Link Devices in the top corner of the app.

On the primary phone, the user should go to Linked Devices and click on it. The app will take them to where they will need to scan a QR code (the same way you connect your WhatsApp on WhatsApp Web).

After scanning, the new phone will be good to go in terms of using and exploiting the Whatsapp features.

The only disadvantage is that WhatsApp will only be limited to sending messages, and files but not changing profile pictures or posting WhatsApp statuses.

WhatsApp, owned by Meta, has been rolling out features including those that enable financial institutions such as banks to integrate with it. Banks in Kenya such as UBA Kenya Bank and Absa Bank Kenya have rolled out WhatsApp banking features that have become popular.

Currently, WhatsApp has over 2 billion users around the world with India having the majority of the users.

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