Whatever You Do In Kenya, Don’t Be Poor

by Business Watch Team

Being poor in Kenya is equivalent to being a criminal. The poor are treated worse than animals. Whatever you do in this country, don’t be poor.

Kenyan prisons are full of the poor, those who commit petty crimes and cannot buy the judge or afford a lawyer. The rich in Kenya buy justice, the poor go to jail.

The poor in Kenya die like flies. They cannot afford quality healthcare. The rich fly in choppers and chartered planes to other countries for medication. Ironically, it is the poor funding the rich politicians to get treated abroad.

The poor are heavily taxed in Kenya. The rich don’t pay taxes. Small businesses, run by poor people, sons, and daughters of peasants are the ones that pay taxes. Not the rich.

When a poor man like Tom Okwach is buried alive in a mine, nobody cares. Life goes on as normal. Politicians are cosigning in his village, flying and driving over his body. Why? He is poor. A son of a filthy peasant. Nobody gives a damn.

When a poor man is sick, he waits until he gets better then goes to tell the rich man that he was sick. When a rich man is sick, the poor man visits the rich man with presents to tell him how sorry he was that he was sick and would wish him well.

Sons and daughters of the poor cannot even join the police force. Imagine they cannot join a job whose only requirement is to run and have a complete set of 32 teeth. The sons and daughters of the rich are the ones who do join. Not the poor.

The poor cannot afford food. They cannot afford cooking oil. They cannot afford fuel. Everything has been designed for the rich now. Perhaps it is that prophetic time for the poor to eat the rich.

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