Vive Digital Rebrands To Focus On Health And Wellness

by Business Watch Team
Vive Digital

Vive Digital has rebranded to Vive Digital Consulting shifting its focus to healthcare, medical, and wellness marketing on the web to address and meet growing passion and expertise in the healthcare, medical, and wellness industry within and without the country.

“We believe that leveraging the power of digital marketing can significantly improve access to quality healthcare services within our community and deliver steady growth to our partners,” Aduma Mutiva, the Founder of Vive Digital Consulting said.

According to Aduma, for at least 5 years, they have witnessed the transformative potential of digital marketing across various industries but the team has been particularly drawn to the impact it can have in the healthcare sector.

“Moving forward, we are putting together our best efforts and resources towards healthcare, medical, and wellness marketing on the web for mutual benefit of the Kenyan population and healthcare professionals,” he added.

A statement on Vive Digital Consulting’s website indicates during their period of service they have enabled their existing partners to achieve; increased brand awareness and patient reach, cost-effective marketing solutions, and improved patient engagement and access.

Aduma said his team is confident that this rebranding will allow them to continue delivering exceptional services while making a more significant impact on the healthcare landscape in Kenya.

“We remain committed to providing innovative, data-driven digital marketing solutions that empower our partners to achieve their goals and serve their communities effectively,” he reiterated.

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