The Easiest Way To Make Money On X Without Sweating

by Business Watch Team

X, formerly Twitter, has made it easy for anyone with an account to earn money just by posting content. Initially, people who had an opportunity to earn money were influencers with a huge following who got an opportunity to amplify brands.

Currently, anyone with an X account can make money by simply posting the stuff they are passionate about. However, many people are missing the point on how exactly they can go about making money on X. But sit tight I tell you the secret.

First, make sure you have at least 500 followers on your X account. In terms of the limit of followers, it doesn’t matter but for X, make sure you have at least 500 of them. It is good to position yourself as a thought leader to attract the right followers.

Second, subscribe to X-Blue (Twitter Blue) by paying for the blue badge. You can either choose an annual option or opt for a monthly subscription. You will need 8 US Dollars for a monthly subscription. The badge will appear within 3 days at most.

Third, create an audience through engagements. This takes us back to you being a thought leader in your field. Post your content like you know what you are talking about, defend your arguments, and create your niche. This will help you grow your impressions.

Once you hit at least 3 million impressions within three months, monetize your X account. Once you have monetized, X will start paying you based on the number of ads shown to your verified followers and the revenue the ads bring in. Elon Musk calls it “Ad Revenue Sharing.”

When Elon Musk first made the payments for ad revenue sharing, many thought he was paying for impressions. He recently explained that it is not about impressions but the number of ads shown to verified accounts and the revenue they bring in. This means that you must try to have as many verified accounts following you as possible.

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