Opportunities For Young Aviators In the Kenyan Aviation Industry

by Business Watch Team

A lot of young people choose careers in the aviation industry blindly and are mostly limited to Pilot or Cabin Crew. This happens a lot because of the little knowledge of the other professions in the Aviation industry.

With the International Air Transport Association (IATA)’s latest forecast that over the next two decades, the Kenyan market could more than double in size, resulting in an additional 11.3 million passenger journeys, and over 449,000 more jobs, opportunities are plenty! Here are some employment opportunities you should consider, apart from being a pilot.

Aircraft and Avionics Mechanic or Technician

Being an aircraft and avionics technician follows a wide range of responsibilities. This job entails handling scheduled aircraft maintenance and repairs including the evaluation of flight data, components repair and replacement, troubleshooting aircraft problems, and inspecting completed work. There are several different certificates and licenses available to aircraft and avionics mechanics that determine their specific roles. 

Commercial Air Traffic Controller

Air traffic controllers provide pilots with crucial information such as landing and takeoff instructions and responding to airline emergencies. This is a huge role that requires one to understand everything going on in their sphere of control from weather updates to runway closures. The utmost priority for these professionals is aircraft safety, but they must also ensure that efficient and timely dispatches are done accordingly.

Aerospace Program Manager

With a degree in aviation management, one can easily get a job in the aviation industry as an aerospace program manager. The responsibilities include ensuring that airports or airlines are meeting all the rules and regulations of the industry. These program managers also oversee hiring and maintain the overall efficiency within the field.

Aviation Safety Inspector

With previous experience as a mechanic, a pilot, or a navigator, aviation safety inspector jobs mainly entail operations and airworthiness of a plane. Professionals specializing in operations evaluate airmen for certification, assesses training programs, and air carriers’ operational programs. Those specializing in airworthiness oversee the mechanics, repair facilities, and training programs for mechanics. Additionally, they inspect the aircraft and equipment for suitability before clearing them for flights.

Flight Instructors

This job requires pilot training and instructor certification. Holding this position allows one to provide aviation lessons both on the ground and in flight. It typically deals with teaching each aspiring pilot how to fly using a combination of classroom instruction, simulators, and live flight instruction.

There are also other opportunities in the aviation industry including aviation transport, airline office jobs, aircraft design engineers, and airline customer service representatives to name a few. Whichever career you choose, you can enjoy seeing the world and meeting new people from all over the world while being paid handsomely. Choose yours today!

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