New Job Openings And Opportunities As Makini Schools Expand

by Business Watch Team

Makini Schools has announced the creation of new roles within the school, as the institution continues to build capacity toward providing quality education aligned to the education requirements of the 21st century and succession planning.

The new roles span from academic staff to operational staff, demonstrating the school’s ability to adapt and optimize their educational offering in line with the modern world.

Makini believes that digital transformation led by a strong team has allowed them and their learners to grow and thrive, despite the challenges brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic.

“It’s a philosophy of People First,” said Alice Wambua, HR Director of Makini Schools, “even in the toughest of times, we have done everything in our power to support and retain our valuable staff members, and we will continue to build them and our collective capacity as we move forward beyond the pandemic.”

The new roles at Makini will give learners access to more facilities and more of the 21st-century competencies required to be globally competitive, while also making sure that each child is nurtured to reach their potential. The school’s continued growth and investment in its service offering provide parents with the confidence that their children will become critical thinkers and holistic learners who will contribute to their communities and the world through their talents and knowledge.

“Thanks to our original founders, to our forward-thinking management and to our dedicated teachers, we know that a quality academic offering puts children on a path to higher education and career success,” Wambua added

 “But we know that there is always room to do more, and we will continue to build on our four decades of success, by developing and improving the opportunities for our educators, our learners, and our families through building professionalism in the education sector and expanding the local job market.”

The school also recently trained and upskilled a number of their teachers to deliver the newly introduced Cambridge Curriculum as an option for their learners, who were looking for an international alternative to the national system.

Beyond the new roles that Makini is looking to fulfill, there is also infrastructure growth planned in the near future. The Kisumu campus will be expanded to include a High school in the near future, with a boarding house that takes advantage of the serene surroundings overlooking the Nandi Hills. Further infrastructure investment across all campuses will be gradually rolled out to enhance the Makini learning experience.

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