Khalid Ali Ameri Visits Kenya, Shares an Amazing Experience on His Stay at Sarova Mara Game Camp

by Business Watch Team

“When you come to a place like Kenya, you do not sleep!” These are the words of a renowned influencer, Khalid Ali Ameri from Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, as he concluded his 8-day-visit to Kenya at the Maasai Mara.

Accompanied by his family, (wife and kids) Khalid stayed at the iconic Sarova Mara Game Camp enjoying the majestic scenery of the raw nature in the wild.

Khalid explains that he was thrilled with the Game Drives around the Mara. “The reason that they are called Game Drives is that whenever you are going out to try and see the animals in their habitat, it is a game of chance.”

“What I loved about this trip is that we had expectations of what we were going to see. This exceeded every expectation we could have imagined in terms of the beauty…we got the opportunity to see so much,” said Khalid.

During the stay, the family was able to see four of the Big Five in the wild. These are Lion, Leopard, elephants, and buffalo. They also learned something called the “Ugly Five.” Did you know that there are also the “Ugly Five” in the Game? Well, they are; wildebeests, vultures, hyena, warthog, and the marabou stork.

The family also got the opportunity to literally camp in the wild, sitting and watching a spectacular sunset before sitting around a bonfire. During the bonfire, they were joined by an amazing troop of traditional Maasai dancers dressed in their iconic traditional shuka. They sang, danced, ate and enjoyed drinks.

Staying in the wild sometimes can be scary. But not in the Mara. Khalid, his family, and other visitors had been surrounded by a team of rangers from a distance, keeping watch and keeping them safe.

“There is a saying in Kenya that says Karibu Nyumbani which means Welcome Home. And that is what my family and I have felt from the very second, we touched down this beautiful country,” he said.

While in Kenya, Khalid and his family got to stay at Sarova Stanley and Sarova Mara Game Camp and experience refreshing African Hospitality. Sarova Hotels and Resorts is Kenya’s first indigenous group of hotels in Kenya.

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