How To Run A Successful Side Hustle Without Your Boss Noticing

by Business Watch Team
Stima Sacco

No boss wants you to have a side hustle. That is the truth. Any side hustle and the boss will see it as an open challenge, an open competition that shows that you either do not want your job or you are not serious about it and want to focus on your own.

Any side hustle known to your boss is not secure. Most will fight you over it. You either end up abandoning your side hustle or your main job, depending on what gives you more money. Ironically, sometimes your side hustle gives you more money than your main job.

The first thing you should do if you have a side hustle is not to let your workmates know about it. 99 percent of them do not want you to succeed. They will be aroused by jealousy because you will be doing better than them. It is the nature of human beings.

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The second thing is to make sure that your boss does not know about it. Some will tell you they want you to progress but they will not take it kindly when they realize that you have a business on the side. They will fight you over it. Do not let them know.

Instead of setting up a parallel business, why not save with a Sacco? Let a sacco be your side hustle. Open an account with Stima Sacco for instance, start saving as little as Ksh 1000 monthly, and before you know it, you will be earning dividends.

The beauty about making a Sacco your side hustle is that your savings earn you shares. At the end of every financial year, you will earn dividends. What is more, for Stima Sacco, for instance, you will have access to affordable loans at affordable rates.

Invest in Money Market Funds. They have good returns. You will have no trouble with your employer because if they want, they can invest in the same too. Go for that as you continue working. Start with as little as Ksh 5000.

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