How To Open A Bank Account In Less Than A Minute Via WhatsApp

by Business Watch Team

Imagine sitting in your office, living room, sitting on a bus to a business meeting, or in a lobby waiting to catch a flight, then you realize you need a bank account for a certain urgent transaction or business. Opening an account at a bank will eat into your otherwise tight schedule.

Then you realize there is a way to open a bank account, deposit cash, and start transacting immediately via WhatsApp, Instagram, or Facebook. First, you think it is crazy. You think there is no such thing as opening a bank account via social media. No. But you try it.

The bank is called UBA Bank Kenya, and their product is UBA Leo, a virtual banking chat feature. You realize that they have three options through which you can open a bank account; WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram.

For WhatsApp, you can either use +254799919000 or go directly to the account through For Instagram, click on, and for Facebook, click on

The process is simple, fast, and seamless.

For the three options, follow the following steps:

Say Hi to UBA Leo on either WhatsApp, Messenger, or Instagram

Select option B, Account Opening

Provide your details

Upload your passport picture

Choose your segment and sub-segment, e.g. student or professional

Select a UBA Bank Kenya branch closest to you

Download and accept the terms and conditions.

And that will be it. Within a minute or so, you will have your bank account ready. Deposit cash, make it active, and start transacting. UBA Bank Kenya is the only bank in Kenya at the moment that has made it possible for customers to open bank accounts via social media platforms.

You no longer have to waste time walking into banking halls to open an account. Why waste your time filling out forms just for a simple bank account opening? Just use UBA Leo.

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