How To Open A Bank Account Via Facebook, WhatsApp, And Instagram With UBA

by Business Watch Team
UBA Bank

Technology has changed virtually everything within and without the banking sector, within and without Kenya. Initially, banks all over the world were dominated by brick and mortar. People visited banking halls for simple things like checking their bank balances.

Then technology came. On top of it, mobiles came. To make it even sweeter, social media struck. The ever-changing social media sphere has often left many banks playing catch-up because the so-called Gen-Z keeps on shifting their preferences; day and night.

But one bank has stood out of the rest in terms of utilizing both tech and social media platforms; this is UBA Bank Kenya. Others might be trying but still playing catch-up, trailing way back behind. UBA Bank is the future that is right here.

This is perhaps the only bank in Kenya where potential customers can open their bank accounts and transact through social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook (Messenger), and Instagram through what they call UBA Leo.

This is how it works:

For WhatsApp, first, save their WhatsApp number +254799919000. Name it UBA Leo. For Facebook Messenger, use; for Instagram, follow them at officialubachatbanking.

UBA Bank

The process is simple:

First, say Hi to UBA Leo on either WhatsApp, Messenger, or Instagram

Second, select option B, account opening

Third, provide your details

Fourth, upload your passport picture

Fifth, choose your segment and sub-segment, e.g. student or professional

Sixth, select a UBA Bank Kenya branch closest to you

Lastly, download and accept the terms and conditions.

That is it. You will receive a congratulatory message about having successfully opened a bank account with UBA Bank Kenya. Your account number will be provided instantly and you will start to transact.

If you are looking to open a bank account today, do not waste your time with form and papers. Just use your mobile phone to have one with UBA in less than a minute.

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