How Nokia C21 Plus Lets You Protect Your Data Using Your Face

by Business Watch Team
Nokia C21

The world is evolving fast. Faster than human beings can catch up. Technology is becoming the order of the day, and before we know it, Artificial Intelligence (AI) will run anything and everything worldwide.

As the world advances in terms of technology, a smartphone has become the only SI unit that defines the massive evolution that is taking place. A simple smartphone has everything that one needs; from banking information to storing important data and memories.

Being an important part of day-to-day life, a smartphone has become an easy target for scammers, thieves, and cybercriminals, among others. Although some would go to the extent of using advanced tech to access your data, affordable but advanced smartphones such as Nokia C21 gives you the power to limit or do away with the potential threat.

Nokia C21 Plus is safe and secure, with more than one way of unlocking the device. Both are unique to the user for one can use either their fingerprint or face to open it.

To unlock the Nokia C21 using one’s face:

  1. During the setting up of the device, the user will be prompted to set up face unlock. He/she will be required to follow the instructions in order to activate the feature.
  2. One can also set it up through Settings > Security > Face Unlock, then follow the instructions to set it up.

For those who would want to secure their phone by the use of a fingerprint:

  1. The fingerprint scanner is the circular dent at the rear of one’s Nokia C21, positioned here for ease of access when one is holding their device.
  2. One can set up the fingerprint unlock feature through; Settings > Security > Fingerprint, then follow the instructions to set up the feature.

There are three major advantages of these two features to your phone:

  1. It is only you who can access/unlock your phone
  2. It is difficult for a third party to unlock your phone without your knowledge
  3. Your data is secure and away from potential “enemies”.

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