How Do You Brand Yourself Online?

by Business Watch Team

The world has evolved in terms of technological enhancement, what was is not and what is, will not.

Before, the term “brand” used to be associated with companies or associations with no mentioning of an individual.

The advent of social has changed the “brand” landscape, giving the term a broader meaning.

At the moment, every account on social media is a “brand” but how that account presents itself determines the quality of the said brand.

Every influencer is a brand but not every brand is an influencer. An influencer is an individual, without considering the number of following he/she commands but who has the ability to advocate and articulate an issue to the point of changing an opinion or perception of his/her audience towards an issue.

It is difficult to build a trusted “brand” online but it is easy if you know the little things that make up an online brand.

First, know yourself. You need to identify yourself as a brand, what you want and what you want to accomplish at the end of everything.

Second, build your presence. This can be through the kind of information you post or the kind of following your command.

Third, win the trust of your audience. Your audience online needs to trust you and this means that you have to be careful with whatever you post and whether it fits your brand.

Fourth, know your audience. Not every information you post online is consumable with your audience. Create your niche at an early stage so that your audience can understand you.

Sixth, be you. You are what you post. Be genuine, human, generate conversation, create controversy but not to the point of hurting yourself.

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