Here Are TSC’s New Transfer Rules That Teachers Must Know

by Business Watch Team

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has outlined new rules that are currently used to examine teachers who apply for transfers. The new rules came as TSC said it had accepted and transferred all the 14,733 teachers who had been delocalized.

Going forward, not every teacher who applies to be transferred will be transferred according to the teacher’s employer. The TSC will first consider the age, health, teachers with alternative abilities, transfers on promotion, and proximity to the home county.

TSC will also consider school size, the performance of the school, school category, as well as family considerations. At the same time, TSC will not transfer any teacher who is 56 years or older to another county.

At the same time, teachers who will be able to document their serious health issues will be exempted from being transferred. All teachers living with disabilities will no longer be transferred, or if they do, they will remain within their home counties.

“We believe that this judgment will make it easier for teachers to accept assignments from their home counties,” said Dr. Nancy Macharia, CEO of the Teachers Service Commission (TSC).

The decision by TSC comes a few months after teachers staged a protest saying that their employer had refused to transfer them to their home counties leading to the breaking of their families. Some delocalized teachers in Trans Nzoia downed tools at camped at the TSC offices demanding to be transferred.

At the same time, TSC says that teachers who had been promoted through a competitive procedure into administrative roles were necessary to ensure that learning institutions were well-staffed.

TSC has dropped its stand and now says that requests for transfers or re-routing due to joining the spouse or family are “typically fairly considered on an individual basis based on other criteria defining the teaching service.”

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