Given Ksh 1 Million, Will You Go To School Or Start A Business?

by Business Watch Team
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X, formerly Twitter has been a buzz in Kenya in the past few days after a guy who sells eggs and smokies in Nairobi CBD asked Kenyans on X to help contribute 1 million shillings so that he can go to college and pursue a diploma in catering.

Since then, Kenyans have been on his case. Many think the guy is being unreasonable and that he should have asked for the 1 million shillings to expand his business, rather than go for a diploma in catering.

I agree with Kenyans on this one. The influence of education being a key in life in Kenya has been reducing over time. Currently, people pursue various courses just for knowledge not to get employed. Opportunities have dwindled.

Asking for more than 1 million shillings to throw it on a catering diploma is indeed unreasonable, especially in this economy. Nowadays anyone can cook. Ombachi, once a rugby player, is now considered one of the best cooks around.

What is more, millions of YouTube channels can teach one how to cook at no cost. There are so many self-made chefs on TikTok, who cook nice meals and have never stepped in any cooking class.

But can 1 million shillings start a business in Kenya? Yes. The guy is currently selling eggs and smokies. That needs a budget of just 10,000 shillings to start. What if the guy asked for the 1 million shillings and then invested in a small restaurant? He can still sell eggs but has other things like an M-Pesa, and a fruit stand, among others.

Why would someone think of doing a catering course when hotels are scaling down? Why would someone spend 1 million to study cooking and come back with no money to buy food to cook? Insane. Right? The man should rethink! Kenyans are supportive but for the right thing

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