Dear Entrepreneur, We Do Not Have Equal 24 Hours

by Business Watch Team
24 hours

Motivational speakers are always saying that we all have 24 hours. That we should not have excuses for not making it in life but should wake up like everybody else and work. But, do we really have equal 24 hours so that when it in life at once?

Maybe those in developed countries have equal 24 hours. But not in Africa. Not in Kenya. In Kenya, we have to wake up and compete with sons and daughters of politicians, those born when their families already had the wealth to last generations, those born and found their parents had already written a will leaving them millions… We do not have equal 24 hours.

In Kenya, we are competing with those eating their fruits while we are still struggling with how and where to find the seeds. We have those born to eat to sweat and those born to sweat to eat. We certainly do not have equal 24 hours as many think.

In Kenya, it is not about what you know but who you know. You go to school and get the papers but you have to know someone to get a job or that important connection. We are competing against those who know people or know those who know people in the right places.

In Kenya, the small thieves go to jail while the big thieves are sent to parliament to make laws. They go to parliament to eat, sweat, and steal. You cannot say that we have the same 24 hours. We pay for our bills and pay for theirs too. How can you say we have 24 hours?

But the fact that we do not have equal 24 hours does not mean that we should not work. Of course, we are working. Every day is a working day for us. Because if we do not work, we will not have anything to eat. We have to work.

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