Celebrating Remarkable Women In Our Society

by Business Watch Team

This International Women’s Day, we celebrate the indomitable spirit of women across all walks of life, and the numerous possibilities that arise when we invest in their success. Investing in women is not only about recognizing their achievements but also accelerating progress for society.

To highlight the diverse accomplishments of women across the country and recognize their invaluable contributions, Tanqueray proudly presents the “UnmistakablyHer” campaign. Through captivating digital videos, they help unveil the remarkable journeys of three extraordinary women whose resilience, leadership, and passion inspire women. The stories of these trailblazers, show how they are making waves in their respective fields of rugby management, biking, and vitiligo advocacy.

Enter Damima Duffield: a visionary leader in rugby management, defying barriers, and stereotypes with her unwavering dedication to the game and undeniable charisma. She navigates the often male-dominated field of sports management having gained an understanding of Rugby from a young age as a player. She advocates for self-belief and chasing one’s dreams with tenacity.

Michelle Morgan, a Polo player, and Biker embodies the spirit of freedom and passion. From riding her horse on the polo field to cruising back home on her motorcycle, she displays the unbounded spirit of women breaking through conventional boundaries and inspires others to boldly embrace their passions.

Julie Nasuju stands as a beacon of hope and empowerment for individuals with vitiligo, championing inclusivity and self-love through her advocacy initiatives. She has lived with vitiligo her whole life and manages to navigate the challenges that come with it as a mother, model, DJ, and MC. Through her unwavering dedication, Julie inspires individuals to embrace their uniqueness and celebrate their individuality.

Empowered women drive innovation, foster inclusivity, and inspire positive change in their communities and beyond. As evidenced by these three ladies, there is a step in the right direction as they continue to encourage progress in previously untapped fields. For more information and to view the inspiring stories of Damima Duffield, Michelle Morgan, and Julie Nasuju, follow the conversation on Instagram and YouTube #UnmistakablyHer.

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