Why You Need The WashTower This Rainy Season

by Business Watch Team
LG WashTower

It has been raining in Kenya. The real cats and dogs have been pounding the earth. The country has experienced floods. People have died and property has been destroyed. We honor the flood victims in Kenya. May they find rest and peace and may families recover.

As the rains continue to pound, one sector has been affected but we rarely talk about it; laundry. People who do their laundry at home and let them dry on the balconies of their homes will tell you that they have suffered. It has not been easy at all.

Imagine washing your clothes and waiting for them to dry for a week until they start emitting a funny smell. It is very annoying and discouraging. Many have had to miss meetings because all their clothes are wet and the sun is not just enough to dry them.

But what if you had the latest LG WashTower? This is an iconic and historic washing machine that combines both the washer and the dryer, never seen before. It capitalizes on Artificial intelligence and whole latest technology to make laundry an unforgettable experience.

The LG WashTower offers a compact yet powerful solution, perfect for modern homes and busy lifestyles. Its vertical design maximizes floor space while providing exceptional washing and drying capabilities.

Equipped with advanced features, users can enjoy shorter wash times without compromising on cleanliness. The AI-powered Direct Drive motor ensures optimal performance and energy efficiency, saving both time and resources.

With customizable wash cycles and smart connectivity options, the LG WashTower puts control at your fingertips. Whether you’re tackling tough stains or delicate fabrics, this innovative appliance delivers outstanding results every time. The LG ThinkQ App does all the magic whether within or without your vicinity.

At the same time, the washer coordinates with the dryer to automatically assign cycles. If you aren’t the type to fiddle with all the cycle customization options, this small efficiency becomes a boon. The WashTower offers solid washing and drying capabilities and uses a lot less energy and water than average.

Other notable features of the LG WashTower include:

  • Built-in sensors that use AI technology to automatically detect fabric weight and other characteristics for better fabric care.
  • Quick wash and quick dry – Get your laundry washed and dried in 59min, through industry-leading technology combining TurboWash and a dual inverter dryer.
  • Center Control panel – perfectly positioned with both washer and dryer controls at just the right height.

Visit any LG Shop today and let them take you through this amazing WashTower.

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