Why Kenyan Parents Should Embrace The Art Of Storytelling

by Business Watch Team

In a world filled with screens and pixels, where attention spans seem to be shrinking faster than the morning dew when the sun’s rays strike the ground, the art of storytelling stands tall as a beacon of wonderment and growth for our children.

It’s not just a forgotten relic of the past; it’s a timeless treasure chest of imagination and learning that deserves to be dusted off and proudly displayed in the halls of our children’s minds.

Despite the amazing advantages of such gadgets as mobile phones, they seem to be killing the art of creativity and imagination in both kids and parents in most homesteads. The days of parents telling their kids stories seem to be fading by the day.

The art of storytelling is more than just a passport to far-off lands. It’s a formidable ally in the battle against the dreaded foe known as “boredom.” In a world where “I’m bored” seems to be a common refrain, storytelling serves as the antidote, ready to cure even the most severe cases of ennui.

With a skilled storyteller at the helm, children are whisked away from the doldrums of everyday life into a whirlwind of intrigue, suspense, and laughter.

Think about the heroes and heroines of these tales—characters as diverse as they are relatable. From pint-sized pixies with grand ambitions to young knights armed with nothing but courage and a wooden sword, these protagonists teach our children that size and circumstances are mere trifles in the grand saga of life.

They learn empathy as they stand in the shoes of characters who overcome trials, face their fears, and triumph against all odds. These stories whisper to them that they, too, can be the architects of their destiny.

But let’s not be mistaken—storytelling is no mere exercise in fantasy. It’s a mental workout that flexes the muscles of comprehension and critical thinking.

As young minds follow the twists and turns of a story, they learn to anticipate the next move, analyze motives, and make connections between characters and events.

They become detectives, piecing together clues and cues to form a coherent narrative, all while sharpening their cognitive abilities.

The art of storytelling, however, is not just for spectators; it’s a stage for the budding performers among our children. Encouraging them to spin their tales fosters creativity, confidence, and communication skills that will serve them well in a world where effective expression is key.

From bedtime tales to classroom presentations, storytelling equips them with the ability to captivate and convince, be it with an enchanting fable or a persuasive argument.

The “Give a Generous Voice to Story” campaign by Mondelez, the company behind Cadbury drinking chocolate, seeks to help parents and guardians to connect to their charges by providing a platform that allows them to be present despite time and physical distance challenges.

The “Give a Generous Voice to Story” campaign is calling on people to lend their voices to record a collection of 85 African-themed children’s books steeped in African folklore, history, and vibrant characters – with the hope of fostering the joy and culture of bedtime storytelling.

These audiobooks provide children with the cherished opportunity to enjoy the oral storytelling traditions of their ancestors while taking some of the pressure off hard-pressed parents.

To be a part of the campaign and to record a book of their choice, individuals can visit the Cadbury Library https://www.cadbury.africa/ourownwords/, select a book, and make a recording using their device.

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