Why Is Marriage An Investment Not To Be Messed With

by Business Watch Team

Marriage is an investment. There are no two ways about it. It is an institution that two parties involved have to put in equal effort if they want to work.

Marriage is like a small medium enterprise (SME) with two major shareholders. In this SME, each shareholder has a certain number of shares. But each has to contribute to making the “business work.”

Marriage is about an investment in trust. Trust is the invisible currency that makes a marriage work. Once trust is broken, chances of recovering such a marriage are always minimal.

Marriage is an investment of emotions. It is an institution that people invest so much emotionally. That is why when things go South sometimes, people kill each other.

Marriage should not be one-way. That one party has to make all the effort to make the marriage work. It has to be an effort of two parties; the two investors.

What makes marriages not work?

Mistrust. This is the number one killer of any marriage, however strong. Once you start mistrusting your partner, there is no going back and the end result is usually a breakup.

Disrespect. You cannot disrespect your partner and expect them to be the same. Good marriages are built on respect and knowing the limits of each of you.

Miscommunication. Marriage is about communication. If one of the partners is terrible at comprehending and decoding simple communication, there is nowhere that marriage is going.

Before you marry or get married, please take time. Know your partner. People know how to pretend. They can pretend even for years but learn to read the small red flags that will keep on popping up.

If it doesn’t work, do not waste time. Take a walk. Give each other time. Give each room to find someone who will make them happy. Maybe just you weren’t meant for each other.

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