Using Technology To Transform The Healthcare Sector

by Business Watch Team

In the season two premiere of CNN’s ‘Tech for Good’, anchor and correspondent Kristie Lu Stout discover how robotics, virtual reality, wearables, and apps are helping patients and doctors in the medical sector.

Lu Stout first meets one of the world’s most famous androids, Sophia, for a tour around her birthplace – Hong Kong-based company Hanson Robotics. CEO David Hanson explains how robotic humanoid medical assistants – like Sophia’s “sister” Grace – could be used in healthcare to provide patients with social stimulation and gather data on their well-being. Meanwhile, in Singapore, a robotics program at Changi General Hospital is bringing a fleet of robots into wards.

Lu Stout then speaks with Carrie Shaw, founder, and CEO of Embodied Labs, a Los Angeles-based immersive training platform that employs virtual reality to help healthcare workers step into the shoes of their patients. Through the company’s software, users can experience the life of an elderly patient – pushing the boundaries of how we can visualize and understand human health.

Next, CNN hears from Tony Chahine, whose Toronto-based company Myant has the latest in wearable tech: a line of ‘smart underwear’ called Skiin, capable of collecting health data on the wearer. By weaving haptic sensors into everyday clothing, Myant hopes to provide continuous biometric data to its users and their loved ones – helping them closely monitor health and detect the severity of chronic conditions.

Finally, the increase in social isolation and uncertainty over the past year has led many to turn to wellness apps. Lu Stout chats to Jolawn Victor, Chief International Officer of Headspace, about the potential of the app’s guided meditations and how she hopes it can foster more conversation around mental health.

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