Tunu Commits To Work With SMEs To Cushion Consumers During Covid-19

by Business Watch Team

The capacity for innovation among Kenyans is at an all-time high. While there are many challenges facing innovators and creators, there are those who still rise above and find profitability and purpose in society. Tunu is one such business that has weathered the Covid-19 wave. Covid-19 saw many small Kenyan businesses shut down in 2020.

Tunu is an experiential marketing platform that connects consumers with discounts from brands and businesses. Tunu also empowers retailers and brands to reach their customers anywhere, anytime, at significantly low costs.

For consumers, however, Tunu might just be more important. With over 20,000 coupons from dozens of brands and businesses in Kenya, Tunu is giving users more value for money.

According to Tunu’s Head of Marketing, Tunu is a ‘bridge linking businesses and consumers’. Tunu ‘negotiates’ discounts on behalf of consumers on household goods and services of all kinds. Their current list of coupons and discounts covers food and beverage, cosmetics, fashion & beauty, entertainment, and many more categories.

The discounts on goods range between 10-50 percent. At a time when consumers are grappling with increased cost of goods, unemployment, salary cuts, and a ravaging pandemic, Tunu’s platform is heaven-sent.  As Tunu signs on more partners, consumers will find even more value on the platform.

Consumers can redeem Tunu’s discounts and offers through the app for free delivery anywhere in Nairobi. Delivery costs have been a major pain for consumers. Many consumers have confessed to canceling at least one order within the last year on account of high delivery costs. People can also redeem Tunu’s discounts and offers in-store at partner outlets.

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