Top 5 Things You Shouldn’t Tell Your Workmates

by Business Watch Team

People have different opinions about workmates. But the truth is, 99.9% of your workmates are not your friends. They are your workmates and that ends at that.

We love celebrating every little success in our lives but not every success is worth announcing. Some successes are best kept secret, in the deeper corners are of your heart.

In fact, your workmates shouldn’t know beyond your name and your phone number. Trust me. You will be happy this way.

Here are top 5 things you should never let your workmates know:

Your side hustles: Your side hustles will be safer and secure away from the confines of your workmates. Not everyone loves to see you succeed. Most of your workmates who have no side hustles will of course burn with jealous if you disclose yours. Your boss won’t be happy either.

Your plans: do not advertise every plan you are about to make. Adopt the suprise mode of operation. Let people realize when you have already done it. Do not let them anticipate or know what you are planning to do. Be silent. Be mysterious.

Family problems. A quarter of your friends don’t care about your problems. Another quarter only pick what they want to hear from your conversation. The remaining half will only pretend to care. Stop sharing your family problems with people who are incapable of helping.

All your knowledge: you are always useful to people as per the knowledge you provide. Do not expose everything to the people at once. Have some knowledge that will always give you an upper hand over the mob.

How much you earn: I know this is not easy but nobody beyond your pocket should know how much you earn. Chances are you earn more than the majority of your workmates and then knowing will only breed jealousy. Be careful.

The listed so not apply to everyone. Pick what fits your situation and roll with it.

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