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In 2023, Kenya emerged as the top African destination for expatriates due to its welcoming environment, affordable housing, and accessible healthcare. This achievement places Kenya on the global map, attracting international companies and professionals to its vibrant landscape.

Ranked ninth globally by the Expat Essentials Index, Kenya outperformed South Africa and Egypt, highlighting its appeal for expatriates seeking a new home. The index evaluates the best and worst places for professionals based on housing, language, digital life, health, and local administration.

There are approximately 1.25 million expatriates in Kenya, including those working for international companies, non-governmental organizations, and business leaders. Many affluent international preachers also reside in Kenya and seek medical attention both locally and abroad.

Additionally, thousands of Kenyans travel abroad each year seeking treatment for various ailments. According to the Ministry of Health, more than 10,000 Kenyans seek medical treatment outside the country annually, spending an estimated KSHs 15 billion annually on overseas treatment.

Recognizing the unique healthcare needs of both expatriates and Kenyan high-net-worth individuals, Jubilee Health Insurance launched the Jubilee International Health Cover. This product embodies the essence of ‘Care and Health’.

Care and Health is an International comprehensive and premium medical insurance by Jubilee Health Insurance, administered by Henner Group, and is designed to provide worry-free travel around the globe.

Here are the key benefits:

  • Access to a vast network of hospitals and expert physicians in 183 countries, including Africa, India, the Middle East, Europe, Asia, and South America.
  • 24/7 support in over 26 languages, ensuring help is always available.
  • Comprehensive coverage, including evacuation and repatriation worldwide.
  • Coverage of chronic and pre-existing conditions up to the full limit of the cover.
  • Generous individual benefit limit of up to USD 4.5 Million.

According to Njeri Njomo, the CEO of Jubilee Health Insurance, with this product, individuals and families will receive world-class healthcare whenever they need it. The service provider has set a new standard for comprehensive healthcare coverage, and this product is truly a game-changer, offering benefits like no other.

As the demand for international healthcare continues to rise, strategic partnerships such as this will pave the way for a future where quality healthcare knows no boundaries. Discover more about how the Jubilee International Health Cover can provide you with peace of mind and world-class healthcare. Visit Jubilee Insurance for more information and to get started today!

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