Stima Sacco Set To Construct 449 Affordable Residential Units At Ngara

by Business Watch Team
Stima Sacco

Stima Sacco, the largest Sacco in the region in terms of asset base and dividends as per the last financial year, is set to embark on the groundbreaking of a massive real estate project at Ngara.

Stima Sacco is said to be planning to use at least 884.76 million shillings to construct a 21-storey building in the expansive Ngara are that will include at least 449 residential units.

According to documents seen by our sources, the Sacco plans to have business premises on the ground floor, parking on the second floor, and apartments on the remaining floors.

A report submitted before the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) showed that the project has more positive impacts, especially in marrying within the government’s agenda of pushing for affordable housing.

According to the report before NEMA, the project enjoys massive support and backing of the local community at Ngara who are well aware of the immense advantages and the need to have the project.

Stima Sacco has an asset base of more than 57 billion shillings with more than 100,000 members who save and take loans from Sacco on a regular basis.

During the last financial year, the Sacco was the only one in the country that paid the highest dividends to their members.

The Sacco has capitalized on the ever-changing technological landscape to curate products and services that resonate with the current consumer in terms of convenience and adaptability.

At the moment, Stima Sacco members can set up accounts within minutes without visiting the Stima Sacco branch, access and monitor their savings via mobile phones, as well as accessing affordable loans both online and offline.

The SACCO also has specific products and services for Kenyans living in the diaspora enabling them to save, earn interests as they work abroad and have something tangible to fall back to when they finally come back home.

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