Stima Sacco Named The Best Sacco In The Use Of Digital Solutions

by Business Watch Team
Stima Sacco

Stima Sacco has been named the best SACCO in the use of digital solutions for 2023. The Sacco was featured in the Digital Tech 100 Awards, beating other peers in digital solutions within and without its products.

“This award is a clear testimony of our commitment to always give our customers what is best for them. Technology is the cornerstone of all our operations and we shall remain committed to giving our customers the best,” said Stima Sacco in a statement after the win.

Being the largest Sacco in the region in terms of asset base and dividends, Stima Sacco heavily relies on ever-changing technology to provide its services to its customers. Sacco thrives on the wheels of social media, and mobile apps, among other key technological security features to tailor its products and services.

In the just-released performance report by Sacco Societies Regulatory Authority (Sasra), Stima Sacco emerged among the top 2 nationally in terms of performance, revenue, and healthy assets, among other parameters.

The tech award came at a time when Stima Sacco is embarking on an expansion drive with its latest branch that encompasses both new tech and physical office being in Kisiii town.

Currently, Stima Sacco is the only Sacco in Kenya that has fully utilized its social media assets in reaching out and addressing the concerns of customers. The society is one of the active brands on X (formerly Twitter) and its CEO is among the most visible and vibrant on X and taking part in X-Spaces.

At the same time, using its M-Stima Mobile App,  Stima Sacco has been able to move virtually all its operations to the palm of the hands of the customers. Through the app, customers can make all the transactions and interact with the Sacco at any time of the day.

Stima Sacco also offers an M-Pawa Insurance product that lets Kenyans purchase insurance products that are affordable and ready to take care of all their insurance needs.

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