Sidian Bank Shines At The Kenya Banking 2023 Survey Awards

by Business Watch Team

Sidian Bank is proud to announce its achievement of securing 2nd place in the tier three category at the Kenya Banking Customer Satisfactory 2023 Survey Awards. This recognition underscores Sidian Bank’s dedication to customer-centricity and its commitment to providing accessible financial services to all.

The Kenya Banking Customer Satisfactory Survey Awards serve as a significant benchmark for industry strategies aimed at enhancing customer satisfaction and improving access to financial services. The 2023 edition builds upon previous editions by analyzing emerging trends and addressing evolving customer needs, thereby enriching the discourse on policy interventions to enhance industry-wide customer experience.

Mr. Habil Olaka, CEO of the Kenya Bankers Association, emphasized the evolving nature of customer experience in light of technological advancements, highlighting the importance of understanding and meeting customers' needs from their perspectives. He stressed the need for continual improvement in customer service practices across the banking sector.

The 2023 survey revealed that a significant portion of respondents fell within the age bracket of 26-35 years, comprising 38.2% of the total responses. The survey also highlighted the increasing trend of multi-banking relationships, with 62.6% of customers maintaining relationships with multiple banks.

Expressing gratitude for the award, Ms. Rita Mureithi, Customer Experience Manager at Sidian Bank, reiterated the bank’s unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional service and support to its customers. She acknowledged the collective effort of the team to exceed customer expectations and emphasized the bank’s mission to provide unparalleled banking experiences.

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