Schneider Sets a side 50 Million Pounds To Support Entrepreneurs

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The electric giant company Schneider Electric has announced that it has set a side 50 million pounds that are aimed to supporting entrepreneurs in the Sub Saharan Africa.

The announcement was made when the  firm outlined its investment plans for the Sub Saharan Africa especially Kenya in an event that was attended BT the Schneider Electric Global Chairman and CEO Jean-Pascal Tricoire.

“Without energy, the economic development is compromised,” ~ Jean-Pascal Tricoire CEO Schneider Electric Global CEO.

The firm has success stories from other nations such as India and Myanmar where they have set up successful projects that are benefiting thousands of the people.


In Myanmar for instance, Schneider provides 20kW micro grid to the Oak Pho Village which has uplifted the economic progress of the area.

In India, on the other hand, Schneider has managed to train more than 68,000 people who have been equipped with electricity skills.

The company aims at providing among other things solar solutions to the world especially in developing countries in Africa. According to the company, 1.6 billion people around the world have totally no electricity and Schneider believes that it is within the company’s DNA to make sure that all these people have access to modern energy.

“Schneider Electric provides tech, software and services that facilitate improvement in the way its customers manage their operation”, read a statement on their website.

Last week, Schneider outlined three key steps that it thought were necessary in equipping entrepreneurs with the necessary skills about electricity. The company identified training, mentoring as well as funding as the main key things that are much needed for empowering entrepreneurs with electricity skills.

The company is currently in Nairobi Kenya and will soon be rolling out its developmental plan for the Sub Saharan Africa economic hub, a move that is set to benefit the country economically.


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