Rwanda Puts 134 Hectares Under Marijuana

by Business Watch Team

Rwanda has officially legalized marijuana and dedicated 134 hectares for the same. The government says the production of the plant will be for medicinal purposes. The plant with its products will also be exported to other countries.

The government of Rwanda says it has put down rules that will ensure that the planting of cannabis is regulated and only for the purpose of research and medicine. Rwanda has now surpassed Uganda which is in the process of fully legalizing the plant.

However, the consumption of Cannabis products for recreational purposes remains illegal in Rwanda. The country maintains harsh penalties for illegal production, distribution, and consumption of Cannabis.

According to the new Ministerial Order, No 003/MoH/2021 of 25/06/2021 Relating to the Cannabis and Cannabis Products stipulates that “any investor or person who is committed to performing any activity of cultivation, processing, importation, export, and use of Cannabis and Cannabis products, for medical or research purposes” is eligible to do so.

The legalization also puts Rwanda ahead of other African countries and stans to earn huge foreign revenues from the export of the same to the majority of European countries that have legalized marijuana both for medicinal and recreation.

In Kenya, marijuana is illegal. Those found dealing with marijuana in Kenya still face longer jail terms and harsh penalties, a move that has always invited criticisms and calls for the legalization of the plant. For instance, there are those serving more than 30 years in jail just for being in possession of a simple roll of marijuana.

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