Meet the Man Turning Rusty Motorbike Parts into Artful Furniture

by Business Watch Team
John Mwabire

The world is increasingly embracing a greener and more sustainable future. One crucial step to a healthier planet is waste management, specifically through reusing and recycling. While many businesses talk the talk, few walk the walk. But in Kenya, one man is transforming the scene with a unique twist on motorbike waste.

Meet John Mwambire, a mechanic by profession, but with a special eye for creativity. He’s not just fixing bikes; he’s breathing new life into discarded motorbike parts, transforming them into beautiful furniture and other decorations. John sources these parts from Watu, an asset financing company that provides loans for mobility and connectivity assets across Africa. Instead of motorbike parts rusting in landfills causing pollution, these metal scraps have been turned into benches, flower pots, stools, and tables, each a testament to John’s creativity and commitment to sustainability.

Mwambire is a visionary craftsman. He takes rusted frames, worn-out engines, and over-used components, and weaves them into captivating works of art. These aren’t just functional pieces; each piece, be it a bench, table, or flower pot, meticulously crafted with an artist’s touch, tells a unique story of resilience and innovation. His creations showcase his technical prowess while reflecting a deep respect for the environment.

Mwambire’s furniture serves as a testament to the transformative power of creativity and resourcefulness, proving that beauty can be found in the most unexpected places, even within the remnants of forgotten machinery.

All the furniture pieces made are from waste materials such as motorbike parts or wood panels discarded in industrial processes in different warehouses. His pieces are integral to Watu’s own spaces. From the Mombasa Road Warehouse to the HQ offices, his furniture can be found in reception areas, staff gardens, and customer service zones. Witnessing customers’ reactions, especially at the warehouse, is a true delight. Mwabire’s work sparks conversations and subtly underscores Watu’s commitment to sustainability.

Mwabire’s work is just one piece of Watu’s larger environmental puzzle. The company actively minimizes waste, reusing components like fuel tanks as part of its ESG strategy and carbon footprint reduction efforts. Alongside Mwabire’s upcycled pieces, Watu also promotes electric motorbikes through affordable financing enabling the uptake of EVs across Kenya.

From waste to wow, John Mwabire’s story is one of ingenuity, artistry, and environmental consciousness. With Watu’s support, Mwabire’s creative engine is sure to keep revving into a greener and more sustainable future.

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