LG NanoCell Is Perfect For Your Cinema Room

by Business Watch Team

Watching a movie is often about three things; size, color, and sound. Remember when we said that sometimes size doesn’t matter? Well, the was “sometimes” but in this case, it does matter. LG NanoCell Tv is what was meant for movies.

LG NanoCell is premised on pure colors through LG’s own NanoCell Technology. It has inbuilt Nanoparticles that remove impure colors from RGB wavelengths, ensuring that only pure, accurate colors are displayed on-screen.

The LG NanoCell TV displays Pure Colors with high consistency from wide viewing angles thanks to Nanotechnology. This means that while viewing your favorite movie, you can watch it like you are right at the casting stage.

Color consistency is a representation of display consistency in terms of color and lightness. Certified by Intertek, LG NanoCell TV delivers a high Color Consistency recorded as 100% by CIE DE2000 across 18 color patterns with a viewing angle of ±30°. In other words, this means that LG NanoCell TV displays colors richly and accurately even when viewed from wide angles.

At the same time, LG NanoCell TV completes the picture with deep blacks that expertly complement Pure Colors. Full-Array Local Dimming technology features multiple dimming zones located directly behind the TV screen.

These zones can be independently controlled to enhance black levels for greater detail and added depth in dark scenes. More precise backlight control also helps to prevent backlight bleeding and halo effect for greater contrast and a more detailed picture whatever you watch.

The TV comes with AI Picture Pro, Auto Genre selection, FILMMAKER Mode, and a Dolby Vision IQ. The sound is something you will always want in your living room. It comes with AI Sound (5.1 upmix), AI Acoustic tuning, Bluetooth Surround ready, and Dolby Atmos.

Dolby Atmos is a surround sound technology that expands on existing surround sound systems by adding height channels, allowing sounds to be interpreted as three-dimensional objects.

So, if you are looking for a TV to cover your cinematic needs, look for LG NanoCell. LG NanoCell TV has your needs covered. The built-in video decoder provides support for various codec types, including AV1 and HEVC. This gives you the freedom to enjoy 8K content from a range of sources, including local media, YouTube, and other streaming services.

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