LG Moves To Deflate Online Tempers With An Optimism Campaign

by Business Watch Team

Kenyan timelines on X (Twitter), Tok-tok, and Facebook have been on fire. Tempers have been flaring left, right, and center. Kenyans online have been very angry in the past month. People have been rejecting almost everything and as time goes by, it is becoming the norm.

As they say, online streets are no longer for the weak and are not safe for those who want to play as such. There is an urgent need for positivity now than ever before. People need hope, encouragement, and optimism for a better tomorrow even as we face a myriad of challenges.

There is no doubt that as the digital age continues advancing day by day, social media has become part and parcel of almost everyone’s life both in rural and urban areas. In Kenya, social media now controls almost everything including major decisions for corporates and government entities.

A survey by LG Electronics found that 28% of social media users who consume negative comments have increased incidents of anxiety. The survey also found that oftentimes, social media algorithms present more negative content than positive, to the tune of almost half of users. In short, other than being time-consuming, unplanned social media use can and does make people unhappy.

To help with this, LG Electronics (LG) launched a global campaign titled ‘Optimism your Feed,’ which seeks to draw encouraging content onto social media timelines by encouraging its fans to proactively engage with positive and inspiring content on their feeds.

“Optimism your Feed’ is part of LG’s global Life’s Good campaign, which was introduced last year to inspire and encourage people to approach life with an optimistic attitude. The campaign is in collaboration with global influencers renowned for their optimistic content including Tina ChoiVictoria BrowneJosh Harmon, and many more.

The ‘Optimism your feed’ playlist includes over 20 short-form videos ranging from motivation to feel-good content. LG’s global playlist and campaign allow users to see more positive and uplifting posts. It works on the premise that consciousness about what people choose to engage with brings stronger optimism, balance, and happiness to their lives.

In the campaign, LG is consulting with social media experts including Professor Casey Fiesler, an information scientist and technology ethicist, who has published on topics such as social media content moderation and recommender systems.

The ‘Optimism your feed’ playlist can be found on LG’s global TikTok channel (@lge_lifesgood) and global YouTube channel (@LGGlobal), and will later spread to various social media platforms through collaborations with influencers around the world.

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