LG Launches New Line Of Party Speakers That Offer Unmatched Sound Quality And Versatility

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LG XBOOM Speakers

LG Electronics has today launched its latest innovation in audio technology, the LG XBOOM speaker series, which comes after the success of the acclaimed LG Bluetooth speaker line in 2021.

The LG XBOOM Series (XL7S, XL5, XG9, XG7, X03, and XG5) offers unparalleled sound quality and versatility, bringing excitement to backyard barbecues, beach bonfires, dance parties at home, and any other events that require a musical experience. These speakers prioritize portability, and feature built-in handles and wheels that make it easy to transport them.

Additionally, the LG XBOOM speakers seamlessly connect to different devices, including televisions and smartphones, for an immersive audio journey with crystal-clear sound quality.

Users can enjoy the convenience that comes with the new updated LG XBOOM App that allows the users to customize their own lighting preference, Text and animation effects on the speakers as well as DJ effects. The app also includes meditation healing therapy for the XBOOM Go speaker. The XBOOM Series speakers have extended battery life lasting up to 24 hours of playback time.

Additionally, the LG XBOOM Series has several party-ready features, including a function to illuminate the dance floor with vibrant multi-color lighting effects, built-in mixing capabilities, and dedicated mode options for karaoke.

The Multi Jukebox mode invites guests to contribute their favorite tracks to the playlist, letting the music flow seamlessly with everyone adding their personal touch.

“We are happy to introduce the LG XBOOM party speakers to music lovers and party enthusiasts around the world,” said Dong Won Leethe Managing Director of LG Electronics East Africa.

 “With its innovative features, superior sound quality, and sleek design, we believe the LG XBOOM Series will revolutionize the way people experience music and entertainment.”

The LG XBOOM Series is now available for purchase at LG Brandshops under Opalnet, as well as supermarkets and online stores. To learn more about the LG XBOOM Series and explore LG’s full range of audio products, visit https://www.lg.com/eastafrica/audio-video.

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