Kitenge Fashionistas Awarded By Jambojet

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The chilly streets of Eldoret were made alive with color and creativity as the 7th Edition of the Kitenge Fashion Festival unfolded at Rupas Mall on Saturday. Within the excitement that comes with this high fashion event and the swish of Kitenge designs, a brand-new initiative was taking center stage, championing sustainability and eco-conscious practices in fashion and design.

Jambojet, Kenya’s leading low-cost airline introduced the Jambojet Sustainability Challenge into this year’s Kitenge Fashion Festival for which they awarded up to ksh.400,000 and return trips to any destination of choice, to the top three designers in the category. This challenge is supposed to mark a milestone in the coming together of fashion, creativity, culture, and environmental consciousness. The entries in the category repurposed old airline materials including headrests, uniforms, and seat covers into stunning fashion pieces.

The festival’s highlight came when the models walked the runway showcasing the repurposed designs. The crowd stood amazed at how the young creatives were able to create the designs from previously used materials. The peak of the event came with the announcement of the winners, each being recognized for their innovative approach to sustainable fashion.

Caroline Wairimu of Empress Crafts won first place taking home the top prize of Ksh. 250,000 and a return trip on Jambojet’s inaugural flight to Zanzibar. Her designs were a remarkable fusion of creativity and sustainability. She transformed the old airplane headrests and seat covers into stylish uniforms, and upcycled suitcases, and bags infusing her craft and detailed designs utilizing all the provided material.

Coming in second was Eileen Chepchumba of Lyn Crafts,  who was awarded Ksh. 100,000 and a return ticket for one to any local destination, Eileen’s designs captivated the audience and judges with their intricate crochet work. She incorporated recycled materials into crochet bikinis cover-ups for ladies, and sweaters for men.

The second runner-up, Ashley Lugalia was recognised with an order of items worth up to Ksh. 50,000 and Jambojet’s limited-edition merchandise. Her designs exuded sophistication and style. She upcycled crew uniforms to seat covers and headrests fashioned into full outfits and duffel bags.

The designers of the category were up to par with the standards set which required them to repurpose the materials without losing their creative touch. They were able to showcase the merging of fashion and sustainability seamlessly. Their collections highlighted the transformative potential of sustainable fashion.

The challenge echoed Jambojet’s commitment to nurturing local talent and promoting sustainability within the communities it serves. The partnership with Kitenge Fashion Festival underscores the belief in the power of creativity and sustainability. The airline’s sustainability involvement in Eldoret goes beyond the Kitenge Fashion Festival, they are a partner in the Eldoret City Marathon.

Through the empowering of designers and models and fostering collaboration within the cities they serve, Jambojet aims to pave the way for a more sustainable future. The Kitenge Fashion Festival serves as a reminder of the transformative power of collaboration not only celebrating African culture and creativity but also ushering in a new era of sustainable fashion.

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