Kenyan Paint Industry Gets A New Player – Nippon

by Business Watch Team

Nippon Paint, the world’s fourth-largest paint company by revenue, has made a significant move into the East African market after officially launching in the market. The company’s wholly-owned subsidiary, “NIPSEA Paint Kenya,” will introduce top-tier Japanese technology to enhance customer experiences in automotive refinish, car care, wood coating, and industrial coatings.

Working through a distributorship model, Nippon Paint is setting Nairobi as its regional hub, before setting up in-country operations in the respective East African countries. East Africa continues to be a growing hub of enterprise, characterized by dynamic economic development, a burgeoning middle class, and increasing investment opportunities across various sectors.

“We are eager to establish our presence on the African continent through Nairobi and East Africa. Over the past two years, we have successfully introduced our products to the market via our distributor, and the response has been exceptional. With our direct presence, including our office and warehouse, we are reaffirming our commitment and expanding our product offerings to cater to every customer segment at every price point.” Said Mr. Sharad Malhotra, Director of Nippon Paint India and NIPSEA Paint Kenya,

The strategic significance of East Africa is pivotal to Nippon Paint’s global expansion plans, as the region offers diverse market opportunities that align with the organization’s long-term vision for sustainable growth and innovation.

“Nippon Paint’s decision to establish a direct presence will bolster our existing efforts and resources. The market has warmly embraced the Nippon Paint brand, and we anticipate even greater customer satisfaction with the expanded product range and enhanced service capabilities.” Said Mr. Jamil Virjee, Managing Director of Coat It, Nippon Paint’s distribution partner for automotive refinishes in Kenya, who expressed enthusiasm about Nippon Paint’s direct market entry.

Nippon Paint, the largest paint and coatings group in Asia Pacific, enters the East African market with a robust portfolio of products tailored to local market conditions. Through a systematic approach, the company aims to elevate industry standards by introducing advanced technologies, comprehensive product lines, and initiatives for customer training and skill development.

The involvement of a large, globally recognized company like Nippon Paint brings substantial benefits to Nairobi and East Africa. The investment will create job opportunities, enhance local skill development through specialized training programs, and contribute to the overall economic development of the region as the organization is aiming to build a factory in the city of Mombasa. Nippon’s commitment to introducing high-quality, innovative products will elevate industry standards and provide consumers with superior choices, driving further growth and prosperity in East Africa.

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts, Nippon Paint donated a check of 500,000 shillings to Mogra Soul Rescue Centre. Mr. Sharad Malhotra presented the check to the school’s directors during the launch event, underscoring the company’s commitment to giving back to the community.

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