Kenyan Giants Partner To Shift African Datasphere

by Business Watch Team

ICT and marketing industries today launched a partnership to empower businesses in Africa to leverage technology for economic stability and brand resilience.

Technology Information Confederation Africa (TICON), African Marketing Confederation (AMC), ICT Association of Kenya (ICTAK), and Marketing Society of Kenya (MSK) aim to elevate the standards of ICT and Marketing amidst rampant cyber security concerns, technological advancements, and economic uncertainty.

Africa possesses a vast amount of data, but its potential remains largely untapped to help overcome economic uncertainty. According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), the African datasphere is expected to grow by 67% annually by 2025.

However, as Africa becomes more digitalized, cybersecurity threats like cyberattacks and data breaches pose increasing risks. According to a report by Sophos, cyberattacks in Africa increased by 66% in 2023.

Speaking during the launch at Nairobi Serena Hotel, Dr. Adrian Kamotho Njenga PhD, Secretary General ICTAK, “Today, we unite ICT and Marketing experts to

launch a transformative partnership aimed at driving economic growth and addressing real-world challenges. This collaboration will harness digital innovations to benefit communities across the continent, fostering an ecosystem of  sustainable  development and future readiness.”

Stronger cybersecurity frameworks and data privacy regulations are essential to protect individuals and businesses operating online.

African businesses face a complex landscape, with economic uncertainties and geopolitical tensions impacting supply chains. This partnership equips businesses to navigate these challenges by combining the expertise of both organizations.

The newly formed partnership goes beyond skills exchange. It fosters a crucial platform for knowledge sharing. ICT professionals will be able to share their expertise on data security and privacy, a vital element for building trust in the digital age, while marketing professionals will contribute their knowledge of ethical marketing practices, ensuring transparency and responsible consumer engagement within the African market.

“Our collaboration with TICON underscores the critical importance of embracing the convergence of marketing and technology in today’s digital age. In an era defined by rapid technological advancement and digital disruption, the boundaries between marketing and technology have become increasingly blurred. From artificial

intelligence and data analytics to virtual reality and augmented reality, technology offers marketers unprecedented opportunities to engage with consumers in meaningful and impactful ways,” said Zuhura Odhiambo, Chairperson of Marketing Society of Kenya (MSK).

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