Kenya Orient To Sponsor The First Ever Squash League In Kenya

by Business Watch Team

Kenya Orient Life Assurance Limited has sponsored the inaugural three-day Mara Squash League Tournament to be held in Nairobi from April 19th to 21st 2024.

The tournament has a prize purse of KES.1.6 million for the winning teams.

The aim of this league is to promote squash in the country and inspire a new generation of squash players in Kenya. The tournament has attracted 48 players from Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, Nigeria, India and Sri Lanka and will have 8 teams with each team comprising of 6 members including two international players, a female player and Kenyan players. The tournament adopts a league format where partners bid for players and own a team during the tournament.

“We are proud to be among sponsors of the first ever squash league in Kenya which is catalytic towards increasing the popularity of squash in the country. This is a sport that is gaining popularity globally and we are excited about being instrumental towards increasing access to the sport by availing opportunities to play for local players as we continue to provide unique and superior life insurance solutions in the country and continent at large,” said Kenya Orient Life Assurance Principal Officer Jackson Muli.

The competing teams are the Kenya Orient Life Mavericks, Royal Nicks, Braeburn Stars, Tuskers on The T’, Court Conquerors, Apex Alpha Apes, Lightning Strokes and the Supernicks.

“Our aim with this inaugural league is to create a platform to improve the structure of squash and get Kenya in the global map of the sport especially now that Squash will one of the sports in the 2028 Olympics games. In addition, we will also be providing an opportunity to help the younger generation take up Squash,” said Mara Squash League Founder Chandresh Sagar

The tournament will see players receive up to three times the bid money as bonus prize. Additionally, the tournament will have five different categories that will allow player win bonuses for each game won.  Players in the first category will win KES 10,000 for each game won, KES 8,000 for second category players and KES 3,000 for third category players. The winner in the fourth category and fifth category will receive KES 3,000 and KES 1,000 for every win.

The tournament will be held at Braeburn School, Gitanga Road.

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