Julius Malema Spoke The Truth To Ruto, Now They Want Him Out

by Business Watch Team

Julius Malema, the opposition leader in South Africa, is in Kenya on invitation by PLO Lumumba and other Pan-Africanists. Known for his tough stands and talking without fear, Malema is in Kenya to talk about Africa and the place Kenya holds in continental issues.

Malema was among the first people to congratulate President William Ruto for “winning” the Presidential elections in Kenya. He was also among the first calling on P.M Raila Odinga to stop demonstrating and accept William Ruto as the choice of the people.

When he landed, people expected him to go soft on William Ruto but they were wrong. Malema blasted William Ruto for going against all the promises he made during his campaigns. He called Ruto out for going against the trust of the people and turning against them.

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Malema accused Ruto of being a fake Pan-Africanist. He said Ruto speaks with different mouths depending on where he stands. He accused the man who is killing Kenyans with taxes of not understanding what Pan-Africanism is all about and what it means.

And now, the Kenya Kwanza leaders are furious. They want Malema out of the country. Some are suggesting that he should be banned from ever coming into the country. Nandi County Senator Mr. Cherargei was the first one to call for the ejection of Malema from Kenya.

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua, the man who has never said anything useful, also blasted Malema for calling out William Ruto. According to Gachagua, Malema was disrespectful and had no authority to lecture Kenyans about their internal issues.

Word has it that an event that was to be presided over by President William Ruto with Julius Malema as one of the speakers was canceled at the last minute after the remarks by Malema blasting Ruto.

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