Jubilee Health Insurance Leads The Rest In Kenya With The Largest Market Share

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Jubilee Health

Jubilee Health Insurance is the biggest health insurance service provider in Kenya in terms of market share according to data compiled by investment firm, Abojani.

According to Abojani, Jubilee Health Insurance tops the rest of the players with 17.81 percent of the market share with Old Mutua General Insurance coming in second with 16.02 percent.

Here is the list of top 10 health insurance providers by market share:

  1. Jubilee Health Insurance
  2. Old Mutual General Insurance
  3. AAR Insurance Kenya
  4. APA Insurance Company
  5. CIC General Insurance Company
  6. GA Insurance Company
  7. Britam General Insurance
  8. Madison Insurance Company
  9. Heritage Insurance Company
  10. First Assurance Company

What makes Jubilee Health Insurance Tick?

There is no doubt, from the numbers, that Jubilee Health Company is the leading health insurer in Kenya. It distinguishes itself by delivering dedicated solutions that protect the future of its customers, fueled by an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Specifically focusing on health insurance, Jubilee Health Insurance caters to individuals, businesses, groups, and corporate organizations. The coverage spans various age groups, with special attention to children and senior citizens.

For children aged 0 to 17, flexible plans with extensive benefits are offered, extending coverage up to 25 years for dependent children. Senior citizens aged 61 to 80 can choose from five flexible coverage plans, with an option to extend up to 85.

Jubilee Health policies are designed to accommodate diverse budgets and age considerations, offering affordable premiums with a plethora of benefits.

Comprehensive coverage includes various illnesses such as Cancer, Diabetes, Hypertension, and heart conditions, among others. Policyholders are encouraged to check their policy documents for specific details, including waiting periods for certain conditions.

One notable offering is the CoverBora Medical Cover, an inpatient cover designed for individuals and families, ensuring financial concerns are alleviated during hospitalization.

With flexible plans and affordable premiums starting at 6,200 shillings per annum, CoverBora provides extensive inpatient services, maternity coverage, and last-expense benefits.

Additionally, Jubilee Health introduced Critical Illness coverage to their SME and Corporate health covers as an additional benefit to address the emotional and financial burden of diagnosed critical illnesses.

This cover offers a lump sum payment of 750,000 shillings upon the first diagnosis, covering a range of critical illnesses such as cancer, heart attack, stroke, and major organ transplant.

For those seeking hassle-free enrollment and comprehensive coverage, J-Care Johari stands out. This online enrollment cover eliminates paperwork and pre-required health checkups, providing essential inpatient and outpatient services with peace of mind.

Johari is a comprehensive yet affordable cover for those looking for a budget-friendly cover. With limits as low as 25,000 per annum, you get an inpatient limit of up to 200k. It also covers outpatient providing access to specialist clinics, coverage for preexisting conditions, access to our Maisha Fiti program, free drug delivery services and so much more.

For the younger members of the family, J-Care Junior ensures that children aged 0 to 17 receive tailored healthcare. This stand-alone coverage includes outpatient and inpatient services, immunizations, dental and optical cover options, and annual checkups.

JCARE cover is a comprehensive cover with extensive limits of up to Kshs 10m for inpatients and is suitable for individuals looking for higher limits including dental and optical benefits. The coverage spans from birth to age 64, seamlessly transitioning to the J Seniors plan for lifelong coverage beyond age 65.

Speaking of seniors, J-Senior Medical Cover addresses the unique health challenges faced by individuals over 65. With five simplified plans, J-Senior offers coverage for terminal illnesses, hospice care, and newly diagnosed chronic conditions.

There are still many products that Jubilee Health Insurance offers.

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