If You Want To Grow, Be Teachable

by Business Watch Team

We grow by learning from others. You can never learn if you know everything. If you want to grow, accept to be teachable. Many human beings have failed to make it in life because of the “no-it-all” notion that shuts off the room to learn.

Many people are not teachable. They think being “teachable” is being looked down upon. They, therefore, pretend to know everything when in a real sense, they know nothing. They say if you think you know everything, then what you know is little.

If you get an opportunity that you know you don’t have what it takes in terms of the qualifications, it is not an opportunity you have gotten but a window to learn and acquire new skills. You cannot get an opportunity with limited skills and then fail to be humble to learn.

But if you remain thick in in your head, and refuse to let go of your ignorance, will will always remain stagnated and stupid all through. Sometimes being teachable means asking the questions that people think are stupid.

The best way to be teachable is to listen. Nobody has ever learned through talking. There is a reason why human beings have two ears and one mouth; so that we can listen more than talk. Before you talk, listen and before you answer, understand.

If you want to be teachable, there are three ways; ask questions even to little things that you do not understand; be curious to always want to know more, and acquire new knowledge; never speak if you are not sure whether you know the subject.

Great people in the world became one by allowing themselves to be teachable. Being teachable means acknowledging the things you don’t know and letting those who know to take you through. Always remember that an important attribute in successful people is their impatience in negative thinking and negative acting people.

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