How To Get A Jikokoa From Burn Delivered At Your Doorstep

by Business Watch Team

Covid-19 has turned tables around. People no longer buy and sell as they used before. People no longer get out of their houses to enjoy the free flow of air like before.

Millions are staying and working from the comfort of their homes. Movement of persons has been curtailed through curfews and cessation of movement.

Businesses have been shut. People have lost their jobs. In general, the majority of the people have little hope. But in all these, we should not give up. This too shall pass. The morning awaits and the sun shall shine.

There is one constant thing that comes with working and staying at home; hunger. A day, love, life and happiness fades but hunger will always remain constant. With hunger being the SI unit, food must be cooked to balance the equation.

With schools and colleges not in session, many family members are around the house 27/7 which also means more food and more energy required. Those using LPG to cook are already feeling the heat as a result of costs.

But have you heard about Jikokoa Xtra? This is an energy saving Jiko that has no smoke, produces more heat, uses less fuel to enable you save, has a warranty of two years and comes at affordable prices.

Currently, you do not need to visit a physical shop or retailer to buy Jikokoa. All you need is to order it online from any part of the country through this link and Burn will have it delivered at your doorstep.

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