How Do You Own Your Own Privacy In The Age Of Digital Blast

by Business Watch Team

There is this movie series called Person of Interest that is prophetic about personal data and privacy. The series shows that during this digital age, men and women have been laid bare, it is like walking naked with everything in public, nothing to hide.

What is data privacy? Simply put Data privacy, also called information privacy, is the aspect of information technology (IT) that deals with the ability an organization or individual has to determine what data in a computer system can be shared with third parties.

The world has changed, thanks to ever-evolving technology. As the world changes in terms of technology, the right to people’s privacy keeps on getting thinner. With the increased number of advanced smartphones, there is a need to put data privacy into consideration.

Mobile phones have revolutionized the world. With a simple smartphone, a human being is walking around with a whole world in the palm of their hand. With a mobile phone, one can make calls, send texts, access all banking services, and access the internet through various platforms, purchase products, and services among others.

As the world prepares to mark Data Privacy Day, what are phone manufacturers doing to secure the privacy of their users?

Truth is, it is not that easy to commit to the safety of data and privacy at the time social media platforms are ruling the world. Just the other day, WhatsApp came at loggerheads with users when it forced users to agree to terms where the platform will share all personal data with Facebook without seeking permission.

From the way people around the world protested the move by Facebook and WhatsApp, it was obvious that people are scared and concerned about their data privacy. Surveys and industry reports show that many of us feel an increasing lack of control over our data.

Aware of how important privacy is key and important to their customers, the giant smartphone maker is among those who have strived to secure the privacy of users. Over the years, OPPO has been developing phones that are cognitive of the users’ privacy.

The phones can tell in terms of data and accessibility and, therefore, able to warn or notify the user of any breach. The company has implemented various organizational and technical measures to protect the users’ data.

Since 2018, OPPO has been using the Trustonic Device Security to enhance the security and privacy of its devices. Unlock security-enhanced experiences on services and support Google’s increasingly demanding mandate for hardware security in devices to underpin Android versions M and above.

Owning your privacy begins with you. The type of gadget you choose to buy and use and you reveal your information both online and offline.

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