Here Is Daikin JTKJ ACs, The Ultimate Eco-Friendly Systems for Your Home

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Weather conditions often take us by surprise, and for those living in tropical climates, the temperatures during the day and at night can get quite high. As such, people think of investing in air conditioner systems that can keep them comfortable regardless of the temperature changes, and this is where Daikin ACs come in.

Daikin is a Japanese company providing air conditioning systems for households and industries. Built on the principle of quality assurance, reliability, and safe air-conditioning, Daikin offers some of the best products that are the perfect solutions to handling the heat in your home.

Daikin has adopted and used the latest technology that is geared towards energy saving and green economy in their products. It focuses on providing the best products while protecting the environment against noise and lowering the cost of power. A good example of this range of products is the Daikin JTKJ AC series.

Daikin JTKJ AC Series Review

The JTKJ AC Series covers a range of residential air conditioners from Daikin. The products make some of the top high-end options with a BEE star rating of 5. Their quality assurance allows you to easily transition to environmentally healthy and energy-efficient AC systems in your home.

Equipped with a streamer discharge technology, the JTKJ series boasts a one-of-a-kind air conditioning experience fit for you and your loved ones. With these systems, gone are the days of inadequate, traditional, and high-power consumption cooling systems.

These systems feature a Split Air technology, which makes them large enough to provide cooling for a large area while providing fresh and clean air that reeks of comfort and sophistication in your rooms.


Streamer Discharge Technology

One of the leading causes of respiratory diseases in many developing countries is as a result of air pollution. This risk is usually associated with particulate type pollution akin to second-hand smoke exposure. This reason alone warrants investing in clean ACs for our health.

Daikin has done its part and utilized a patented streamer discharge technology that solves the air pollution issue. The JTKJ series have been installed with 4-layer filters to get rid of various pollutants including dust, allergens, and odor-causing bacteria.

This technology works by releasing high-speed electrons in their ACs with high oxidative capacity that decomposes the bad smell and pollutants resulting in the provision of a healthy indoor environment for you and your family.

Energy Efficiency

With the world now adopting more green economy initiatives, Daikin had to design the JTKJ series with energy efficiency in mind. To this end, it featured what it refers to as Econo Mode in the ACs, which simply means power-saving mode. Coupled with the fact that the JTKJ systems are inverter-based, their compressors can run at variable speeds resulting in huge power saving.

This is a feature highly convenient for those looking to limit their power costs without compromising the quality of their air conditioners.

Daikin’s Econo Mode is particularly useful when the AC and other power-based devices in your home run on a shared electrical unit. It offers you an efficient way of not breaking your bank to pay electric bills.

Intelligent Eye

This is another interesting feature yet to be seen in other brands in the market. With the intelligent eye feature, Daikin JTKJ ACs bring the future to you today. Intelligent eye operation detects whether someone is moving in the house where it is installed or not. If there are no movements detected for more than 20 minutes, the AC changes its operation to energy-saving mode to avoid energy wastage. How cool is that?

Quiet Operation

Nobody likes noises, and we can all attest to this when that noisy neighbor disrupts your peaceful Sunday morning sleep. The same goes for ACs that make lots of noises, making you feel like you are working in a steel factory. Luckily, with the Daikin JTKJ series of air conditioners, you don’t have to settle for less. It comes with an indoor unit quiet operation that boasts low noise levels resulting in sound sleep.

The ACS quiet operation optimizes the speed of the airflow to a less noisy level to ensure that your conversations, sleep, or work at home isn’t interrupted. With this feature, getting your nerves on edge when you’ve had a long day at work will be a thing of the past.

Power Chill Operation

Sometimes, we all wish the temperatures in our homes could rapidly drop when we want it to, but it doesn’t happen. However, JTKJ technology brings you the power chill operation that gives you the perfect solution. It quickly lowers the temperatures in your home for immediate comfort.

Other features of the ACs in this inverter-based category are the stabilizer and Coanda airflow that aids in ensuring that rooms are uniformly conditioned by sending the air through the roof. This is particularly useful in extremely hot regions.

Are the JTKJ Series AC Worth Your Money?

With limited power load and consumption along with the ability to cover large areas of up to 180 square feet, the JTKJ series ACs are worth a good chunk of change. Not only do they make the most efficient-power saving air conditioners but are also highly affordable compared to other brands, and in terms of features. It is environment-friendly and is loaded with useful features that bring your dreams of a comfortable home to life. Anyone would highly recommend them.

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