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by Business Watch Team

The indoor lifestyle due to coronavirus restrictions has paved the way for innovative technologies that help people recreate familiar experiences from the comfort of their homes.

With families disconnected from the social life they were previously used to, they are turning to the virtual world where it seems, everything can be recreated.

Take, for instance, entertainment, one of the industries that were most heavily disrupted by Covid-19. People no longer attend live music concerts, or go to the movies in many countries, Kenya included.

But hear this, pop artist Travis Scott featured in a virtual concert on popular gaming platform Fortnite that was watched by over 12 million people online.

Experts say the ‘new normal’ will be largely tech-driven as people’s relationship with technology deepens and everything becomes virtual. This view is backed by a survey by Pew Research highlighting this shift with 86 percent of those interviewed saying the pandemic had changed their life for good citing digital life as an inevitable reality.

This is not surprising considering the rapid spread of a shared online world known as the metaverse.  This is basically an alternate digital reality where people work, play, and socialize in an ‘extremely connected life.’ The rise of virtual communities where people come together in interactive, mixed reality settings, has also been predicted.

Covid-19 has accelerated the metaverse, according to the CEO of a popular gaming platform. It is tempting to say the post-pandemic world will essentially be one expansive virtual human experience. This may sound futuristic but is now a reality.

As people spend more time indoors sheltering from the virus, the face of entertainment is evolving as they experience movies, shows, concerts, and sports in new ways.

In the unfolding metaverse or mixed virtual reality, the entertainment industry is figuring out new ways of engaging consumers with ‘live’ performances on popular online platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

Thanks to virtual reality and its digital cousins, augmented reality and extended reality, which are now powering this new metaverse home entertainment experience, available via LG’s cutting edge displays and audio devices.

LG OLED TV brings this rich virtual entertainment experience to life by providing the most accurate colors and truest blacks on a revolutionary display that takes digital immersion to a whole new level.

Add to this the LG CineBeam projectors that create a life-like metaverse experience best shared with friends and family. The LG Soundbar is the icing on the cake with its powerful audio capabilities!

Staying indoors need not be a boring affair as LG’s innovative home entertainment technology takes you where the action is. Gaming enthusiasts will also be pleased to know that LG’s OLED, QNED, Mini LED and NanoCell TVs are being updated to support Dolby Vision®HDR giving them a true metaverse immersion at home.

In Kenya, one can learn about these home entertainment solutions by visiting the LG e-showroom, the first of its kind for LG in Africa, offering consumers a safe place to learn about the company’s products before purchase.

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