Family Is Not Just Blood, But Convenience; Lipa Na Family

by Business Watch Team
Family Bank

Who is Family? Some say family is the person you are related to by blood. Some say family is anyone who is there to hold your hand from nothing to something. But the reality is family is not just about blood but support, innovation, motivation, and convenience.

Family Bank is that family who is always there for you, no matter the challenges, no matter your affiliations, to make sure that your business grows from one step to another. Unlike others, Family Bank doesn’t see you as a “product” but as a “family.”

In the family of Family Bank, technology is what makes the world go round. Family Bank has made it possible for customers to transact conveniently from the comfort of their cars, homes, businesses, and offices without the hustle of having to look for branches.

For businesses, Family Bank is playing a huge role in pushing for a cashless economy. The bank has the Lipa na Family product, a Till Number that enables businesses to receive payments from customers directly to their bank accounts.

The Till Number option by Family Bank is the easiest way for businesses to receive payments within seconds. It is also secure for the customer has no way of reversing the payment as it is the norm with some customers who make payments using other means.

Applying for Lipa na Family is easy. Just click HERE.

The link will take you to the form, fill it out, and wait for the bank to reach out.

Advantages of Lipa na Family include:

It is convenient. The customer makes the exact payment to the account. There is no need for the business owner to handle hard cash and run around looking for a change.

Easy to account for and keep records. every payment is followed by a notification and the business owner can document every transaction and easily confirm the balance at the end of every business day.

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