Devki Group Goes Solar, Set To Save Ksh 1.5 Billion In Power Costs

by Business Watch Team

Devki Group has taken the lead in reducing its carbon footprint with a 4MWp rooftop solar plant deployed at the Ruiru Devki Steel manufacturing site, installed by Distributed Power Africa (DPA) Kenya Limited.

The move will also make Devki’s operations sustainable, allowing for greater efficiency, business continuity during power outages, and cost savings.

Devki will now save approximately Kshs1.5 billion throughout the 20-year power lease agreement with DPA Kenya Limited.

Annually, this initiative saves over 41,000 trees and reduces carbon emissions by 4,000 tonnes. The environmental impact is significant, making Devki an exemplary model for Kenyan businesses looking to integrate sustainable practices. It is a practical demonstration and commitment to the Africa Climate Summit’s theme of Driving Green Growth and Climate Finance Solutions for Africa and the World.

“By investing in solar energy, Devki has not only prioritized cost savings but also positively impacted the environment. Our commitment to renewable energy aligns with global efforts to combat climate change,” said Mr. Narendra Raval, Chairman of Devki Group.

It is the biggest rooftop solar plant in East, West, and Central Africa at 4MWp. DPA Kenya has financed, designed, deployed, and will operate and maintain this solar plant.

“DPA Kenya Limited applauds companies like Devki that invest in clean energy solutions. By prioritizing sustainability, businesses gain a competitive advantage, increase brand loyalty, and attract a new generation of environmentally-conscious customers,” concluded Mr. Norman Moyo, CEO of DPA Group.

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