Dear Entrepreneur, Time is Money, You lose it You Lose Money

by Business Watch Team

They say that time is like a dry leaf from a tree. Once it falls off, you cannot be able to take it back. The same applies to entrepreneurs. In entrepreneurship, time is money, you let it go, and you let the money go.

Most entrepreneurs fail because of the failure to manage their time well. Most of them are terrible time managers and this has always seen them lose viable clients from their businesses.

As an entrepreneur, it is prudent to know that clients don’t buy your products or services but instead they buy your trust and confidence.

Trust, in most cases, is often broken on the account of delivery. Most entrepreneurs lack a sense of urgency. They want to deliver to the clients at their own pace and not as what the client wants.

The phrase a customer is always right may seem outdated but a very key principle in determining your entrepreneurial journey.

Always, make sure that your clients don’t wait for you and you should be the one waiting for them. For instance, if a client decides to visit you in your office, let them find you waiting for them and not the other way round.

Always be on the forefront to deliver on time as per the specifications of your client. Do not deliver too early but never deliver late. Remember, most clients don’t entertain excuses. They want their work done and that is it.

You need to have a disciplined team that respects the time and honors a sense of urgency.

You need to have a team that comes to work on time, delivers on time, and inspires trust in your clients. Failure to do that, you have headed the wrong path where you will hit a dead-end and never recover from the fall.

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